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From: George Wallace <>
Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2023 2:42 PM
To: Nancy Parent <>; Golf <>; Kathy Blonski <>; Russ Arnold <>; Shannon Rutherford <>; Bruce Cyr <>
Subject: Westwoods Golf Course Possible Parking Lot Layout


Hi Nancy:

I am resending this email because for some reason I had all the wrong email addresses.

I came across a proposed parking lot layout for the proposed splash pad and pickle ball courts at the Westwoods Golf Course.  It looks like the proposed parking layout is similar to what exists at the golf course now, just extending the rows.  A couple of years ago I submitted a sketch that would rotate the parking layout at the golf course so that instead of the parking rows running north/south they would run east/west instead.  The revised layout had the same number of parking spaces but more importantly it made the access aisle the path to the golf course without having to cut between vehicles while transitioning the rows.  Golfers carry large golf bags and walking between the vehicles is not always possible without hitting a vehicles or bending a mirror with the golf bag.  Now that you are proposing adding activities [splash pad, pickle ball courts, etc.] on the east side of the parking lot there may now be a greater need to shift the parking aisles to an east/west orientation since these additional activities may have people carrying gym bags, beach bags, etc. and trying to maneuver in between parked cars in the existing north/south aisle layout.  The only negative that was brought against my first sketch was one of the Town’s street’s employees said it would cost a lot in paving.  There was no pavement required in that sketch nor is there any pavement required in the layout I have attached.  The only requirement in the old parking lot is to blacken out the existing parking lines and then repaint the new lines on the existing asphalt.  The attached possible layout provides the same total number of parking spaces (193) that I believe will result from the addition of the proposed expansion to the existing golf course layout.

One of the benefits of the attached proposed layout in addition to not requiring people to walk between a number of vehicles to get to their destination, there are grassed islands at the end of each parking aisle on the east end which is a good landing spot for kids/people to cross to or from the new activities on the east side of the driving range driveway.  Generally Public Works does not like islands because they are difficult to plow around in the winter and may be susceptible to plowing damage.  However since all the activities that would be using the parking lot are Spring/Summer/Fall activities the parking would empty during the winter and would only probably require some plowing for access to the buildings.  Further, if the islands are taken out you could add 10 more spaces in their place.

Again, the only added cost would be the cost to blacken out the existing parking lines and the cost to paint the new parking lines for the proposed layout.  The painting of the parking lot lines for the proposed added area would be considered already included in the overall project cost.

I thought it might be best to bring this possible parking lot layout option at this time considering the pending construction.

If you have any questions on this please feel free to call me at (860)280-4569.



George M. Wallace, P.E.

From: League Director <>
Sent: Monday, January 8, 2024 12:43 PM
To: Nancy Parent <>; Golf <>; Kathy Blonski <>; Russ Arnold <>; Shannon Rutherford <>; Bruce Cyr <>


Subject: Westwoods Golf Course Parking Lot Layout


The Nilsen Golf League's 44 members agree with George that the parking lot at Westwoods should be laid out in the manner his drawing suggests.   

Many of us have had the sides of our cars scratched by those who have to try and fit between cars to get to the clubhouse. His suggestion would eliminate this concern. 


Pickleballers and bathers will also have to walk between cars to get to the snack bar, courts or splash pad. The frequency of damaged cars will increase and the tempers will flare.

Kids and more adults walking between cars will eventually lead to the accident that we all want to avoid.

Please take the precautions necessary to protect pedestrians and drivers by providing clear paths for walking to the splash pad, courts and to the clubhouse.


Bill Kievit - Nilsen League Director

Kathy Blonski <>
Jan 9, 2024, 11:39 AM
to me, Nancy, Golf, Russ, Shannon, Bruce

Thank you for your email.

The Town of Farmington is in the process of designing the parking lot and will take your recommendations into consideration.





Kathleen Blonski (Eagen)

Town Manager

Town of Farmington


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