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Considerations for moving up to Forward Tees (a.k.a : Gold Tees)

For sake of discussion and in the future, we will refer to the GOLD tees as Forward tees. 


Any players wanting to move to the Forward tees can petition the Handicap Committee stating their rational in writing. 

If they are inclined to do so, they are encouraged to take this action prior to opening day. 
If something happens during the season that you feel warrants your move to the Forward Tees then you must petition the Handicap Committee in writing stating your rationale.


In either case, any players approved for moving up to the Forward tees will initially have their handicap adjusted by 1.4 strokes. A true Forward tee handicap will be established over the next several rounds. 


The Forward/GOLD Tees have been established to provide:

  1. Improved Competition

  2. Faster Play

  3. More Fun


Your decision to move up should be based solely on ABILITY. 
If either of the following pertains to your game you should consider moving up. 

  • DISTANCE: If your lack of distance prevents you from reaching the majority of holes in regulation.

  • HANDICAP: If you struggle to maintain a single digit 9 hole handicap.


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